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For Emma & Ben’s Wedding they really wanted to guide their guests with a playful booklet to their destination wedding, outlining the necessary parts along with the enjoyment of the whole event. We set out to design a cordial chaperon with light hearted drawings diagramming everything from visas necessary to travel to Cambodia to flight, accommodation and useful facts and travel ideas for after the wedding. We also created ‘save the dates’ and a wedding certificate turning around the theme of their differing nationalities, being that Ben was from Toronto and Emma was from Sydney. Furthermore incorporating their place of residence in Hong Kong now as well as Cambodia being their place of choice to make their nuptials into the design. In keeping with the overall theme; table numbers, place cards, menus and a cake topper was also created for their special day.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 15.45.38.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 15.44.17.png



For Gabriella and Bastien’s Wedding we created illustrations for their 3 day wedding extravaganza in Florence. We blended influences of Gabriella’s Hong Kong origins as well as Bastien’s French, whilst also incorporating a sophisticated vintage Italian motif to set the tone of what the days ahead would entail. We designed up to 20 all-sorted stationaries (e.g. Save the Dates, Wine Tasting Itinerary, Brunch instructions, etc.) to attach with the multiple activities that were planned for the three days ahead. As well as information pockets which detailed the events set out for each day distributed to each guest. Being in a foreign place can be over whelming for anyone, this is why a map illustrating in delicate detail where the location of each activity was likewise gifted to each guest. Furthermore, who doesn’t enjoy a memento as a means to commemorate the event? We additionally individualised illustrated scarves and pocket squares for each guest.

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