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We were recruited by Graff to illustrate the space of their exhibition in Taipei. The exhibition was to present exclusive pieces to their VIP clients and they were wanting story-telling type illustration to fill the space and create a more intimate and amiable setting. This project was undertaken with the heavy influence and research of the historical origins of the company itself. Three detailed illustrations were created, each depicting eras of the brands evolution. The first embodied the beginnings with very personal touches such as the original store, the first plane ticket bought to expand abroad and the hands of the founder. The same followed through with the second and third illustrations, depicting the skyline of their multiple locations, their famous clients, the sourcing of the gems and process of constructing the jewellery pieces. To pay homage to the French brand in Asia for each illustration that was done by hand, a traditional Chinese Ink was used, juxtaposing flecks of gold paint which was utilised to show the allusion of the light reflection off the precise diamond cuts and shapes.


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