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Life Solutions Office 

For Life Solutions Office they enlisted our assistance in painting the walls of their office, whilst coordinating with the feng shui. Each room adapted to a theme of fire, earth and water. For a large red fire mural we designed mythical water characters that would incorporate the companies water filtering along with the fire theme. Metallics were also fused into the red paint to create a reflective effect, much like that of water. For the working, earth, space we illustrated the employees playing with water elements, whilst embodying earthy neutral tones. And for the filtering, water, space we wanted to saturate the room by applying a rich blues and graphic lines that recognisably

made you feel the rippling of water as well as people playfully

diving into its depths.

Reception 3.jpeg
Reception 2.jpeg
Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 6.13.41 PM.png

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