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So, you’ve been working your little heart out for a while now, putting all your time and

effort into founding the perfect gift for your friends or lover?

How about an unique illustration tailor made with everything that person loves?

It’s finally time to take the leap to working on it, but let’s be honest, you have to think a bit about it and imagine what can be nice and relevant to mix it in one perfect illustration. Once you know, your part of the job is done and MERAKILYA will come back to you with some drafts. With your feedbacks we will create THAT perfect gift.


This illustration has been ordered by Camille for her husband as a Christmas gift. Issued from a watchmaker family, her husband is passionate about clock and mechanics. As they lived in Shanghai and now in Hong Kong, some architectures of the Chinese megalopole are mixed with the building skyline and harbor of our favorite island.

This illustration is an other example of a tailor made illustration for a Japan lover. 

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